Until May 1990, MAT (Metamodel for Transformational Analysis) was only taught in the business sector. From 1990 to 1993, MAT creator devoted herself totally to medical investigations in hospitals. From 1994 till now, MAT has been imparted in the form of business consultancy and in the MAT SCHOOL OF MANAGERS. Here we present only a few of the hundreds of testimonials available. These managers have attended MAT seminars and have authorized us to communicate their opinions about them:

“MAT is very positive. It intends and achieves to make you reflect on the complexity of the inner scheme, on the personality structure and the behavior. The behavior model corresponds to typologies that exist in reality and is very logical. MAT suggests the image of a pyramid to me: it is necessary to examine it carefully to grasp its greatness, take it as a whole, invent it in your imagination and study it from several angles. I consider what you are doing very important.”

Angel Montero Pérez
General Manager
CAJA MADRID (biggest Spanish savings bank)

“I think that MAT is the result of a much meditated system. From an ethical point of view, it is honest, because its aims are positively ambitious for human communication. From a logical and rational pint of view, the thinking is very sound. At an emotional level, sensitive, creative and spiritual, it is gratifying because it stimulates very selectively the deepest faculties of human being. You are irresistibly saturated with motivating energy and are a tremendously effective professional.”

Graciano Martín Pérez
Head of Cardiology Service

“MAT is very positive from an ethical point of view for its essential idea of being oneself and not violate the intimacy and freedom of accepting the connection or not. With MAT I feel more confidence and relax. MAT suggests the image of the earth as a Network (connections among all individuals, nations and continents). You are a reliable and trustworthy professional, of sound convictions and enthusiastic about your priceless project.”

Angel Fernández Robles
Manager of Management Training
REPSOL CORPORACIÓN (biggest Spanish oil company)

“I grant MAT very high marks, because it teaches us to know ourselves and to know the others, because it shows how to communicate effectively and because it helps us to become free and active persons. It completes me, sensitizes me and keeps me lucid cause it gives me capabilities, makes me conscious of all my emotions and keeps me watchful to help myself and help the others being persons integrated in the world. MAT means the action and the energy engendered by all united. You are a very high professional.”

Ernesto Rodríguez del Alisal
Communication Manager
REPSOL DISTRIBUCIÓN (biggest Spanish oil company)

“From a logical and rational point of view, I evaluate MAT very positively. It seems a very brilliant construction to me. From an emotional perspective, it transmits me attraction and enthusiasm. First part is like a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. When you breathe again, everything goes better. As an instructor you are the best. You are an extraordinary person in the entire sense of the word. For sure I want to keep on learning and deepening in MAT.”

Santos Hernández Lamagrande
Manager of Total Quality and Human Resources
GRUPO URALITA (a Spanish multinational company of building materials)

“The model is very revolutionary, yet losing neither logic nor rationality. From an ethical point of view I see it as an instrument for human perfection. Help to better understand our sensations and emotions. It is a tool that helps us to know ourselves better inwardly in a very practical way. As a part of a broader scope program, I found this seminar full of content and suggestions. You are a very well versed professional on the covered topics, and convinced about MAT goodness.”

Francisco Valdés Trabanco
Finance Manager
GRUPO URALITA (a Spanish multinational company of building materials)

“From a logical and rational point of view, MAT is very interesting, is new and makes sense. I like very much its ethical aspects because it intends the equilibrium. It can provide me emotional plenitude; it can teach me to feel more noble emotions, reactions and desires. As an instructor you are very good, you master the model and believe on it. Furthermore, you seem to be a good person.”

Vicente Ballesteros
General Manager

“MAT intends to offer an objective and reasoned vision of human behavior, verified in experiments with more than 60.000 clinical cases. So its logic is revealing and fully justified. The voluntary participation of the attendants and the respect for everyone make the process very ethical. From an emotional point of view, MAT can ‘touch’ deep aspects of your personality. In general the seminary is adequate, although it has too many contents and thoughts for the time available. You are an expert in the field and very respectful with the others.”

Alfredo Avendaño
Training Manager

“I evaluate MAT very positively. It is based on very well defined concepts, logical and common sense based; those are interrelated and lead to definitive and rational conclusions. Ethically it is irreproachable: it respects the essence of human being, giving security and confidence. Emotionally is revealing; it opens up doors to your own sensorial world, relating your authentic emotions with the stimulus that provoke them, and unveils the emotional mechanisms that rule our behavior. The seminar seemed well structured to me, the contents exposed in the right sequence. The instructors are simply marvelous.”

Angel Gaussinet
General Manager
MRW (one of the biggest Spanish courier companies)

“Once you get into MAT, accepting the novelty, you find it logical, especially when you recognize yourself in one of the described typologies. From an emotional point of view, initially you feel some uneasiness that turns into satisfaction for the recognition. It is going to help me in my personal and professional life, because it positions me revealing my authentic hidden reality, which, if I recover it, is going to make me better. I have a very opinion of you.”

Manuel López Muñoz
General Manager
BANCO EUROPEO DE FINANZAS (Strategic alliance between andalusian savings banks)

“MAT surprises because it makes use of truth. It is feasible because it employs every emotion. It opens a new vision to me: I see the possibility of living in plenitude. You are a person plenty of love and a magnificent professional.”

Rafael Campillos Blancas
Managing Director
EQUIN S.A. (Networking and telco provider)

“MAT is ethically correct. From a rational point of view, I think it is a very logical system. It is coherent and its deductions are logical. Everything is around the complexity and potentiality of the person or human being. MAT is going to help me to better face my personal and professional lives, and my other existential roles. I am still interested in the subject. You are a very competent professional. You have magnetism and sometimes your artist soul shows.”

Pedro Gandiaga Alberdi
Chief Operating Officer
HISPANO RADIO MARITIMA (Marine Communications provider)

“The entire MAT development has a high professional content and has been explained with great coherence in all sessions. It allows me to know myself in depth and also the others. It suggests inmense clarity and a very bright horizon. You are an unsurpassable person. You make that all sessions are decisive.”

Santiago Rebollo Galcerán
General Manager
I.C.S. (GRUPO FERROVIAL Y DASSAULT) – (Telco provider)

“MAT is the true ethics and the work of a genial creator because it delimits, and establishes, in a hierarchal structure, the required coordinates so that precise actuation rules can happen or be verified, within a coherent and almost mathematical model, not leaving room to topical thinking. It seems so logical and rational to me that I consider it the most connected with transcendence model that I know of. It provides me the joy of having a help for my growth. You are a marvelous person: brave, coherent, sensitive, elegant, nourishing and precious.”

Francisco J. López Herrero
Deputy General Manager

“MAT seems very positive to me because it helps us positioning in our reality (our being), allowing us to grow according to respect and freedom of oneself and the others. For what I know, it is possible to learn and understand MAT rationally. It arouses my curiosity, my hopes and my illusion. You know very much how to listen actively (perception, observation).”

José María Gasalla Dapena
General Manager and Professor

“MAT is complete, transcendent, surprising. In a given moment, the soundness of its content causes you to feel that it can be condensed in a mathematical formula. “Aha! That was it!” surges in you when you listen to MAT content. That discovery leads to an instantaneous and enduring improvement feeling. You are balanced and sensitive, the person one would want as a friend, and a serious and complete professional.”

Antonio González Valencia
Planning Manager

“MAT is positive and coherent. It provides solutions for every occasion in life. It entails a way to solve every tough problem. You are a very positive professional, you have studied persons a lot and you know them.”

Carlos Magraner
Financial Director

“I evaluate MAT as highly logical and rational. It deals with anchored structures that sensitize sleeping emotions. It is going to help me in my personal and professional lives, allowing me fuller human relations, more effective and enriching. The seminar process seemed adequate to me: the objective is met. You are very expert professionals.”

Javier Rius Villader
General Manager

“From a rational point of view, MAT is a coherent and concrete theory, while universal and complete. It is astonishingly synthetic and conceptual. And it has the beauty of truth. It perfectly resists a rational critical approach and it is very gratifying intellectually, since it allows understanding many things so far inexplicable, making thus possible to think on logical terms about such ambits as emotions. MAT unveils the correct functioning of a person according to its natural order, based on authentic justice, where there is not possible ambiguity between good and evil. Furthermore, it shows us to treat ourselves and to treat others as entire persons, making manipulation impossible. For me, MAT is very comforting; it provides me with stillness, peace and serenity. Since it permits me to understand, it gives me security; since it makes me know the others much better, it makes easier for me to love them. In our professional life, MAT helps us being effective, favoring desired situations, such as sales and projects, to flow. We achieve a lot more with less time and effort, we don’t lose time anymore. Preciada is the wisest and most loving person I have ever met. Each minute with her is enormously interesting and useful. Leopoldo is extremely intelligent and sensitive, and posses a special capacity to listen to the others. He always has the best possible advice or observation.”

Juan Manuel Soto

“MAT is very interesting. It is built on logical bases and developed rationally. It provides a new vision on human behavior and personal development. It is soundly ethical: it is necessary to attain the connection, where authentic emotions establish a sound ethics. Once understood and assumed, it can be my guide for development and for improving my relations with others. I have a very opinion on the instructors.”

Antonio Gálvez
General Manager

“MAT structure, logical and rational, is perfect; so it confers validity and the range of SCIENCE to the seminar content. It permits transmission, evolution and study. Ethically is superb, since its objective is to generate Human Beings. MAT provides security to me, it allows me to concrete and transmit my emotions and sensations. MAT language allows me to translate, to explain and to decode, myself and the others. This creates more security, development and growth. It is going to help me personally and professionally to be Myself and to grow, and thus to be a referent for others. It has been my privilege having Preciada and Leopoldo as instructors.”

Flor Expósito Esteban
Sales Director

“I consider MAT very well defined and structured from a rational point of view. It all has guiding thread easy to follow, and concepts are defined in a very clear and determined way. Always ethically, MAT fosters and helps people development respecting themselves and the others. From an emotional point of view, I feel gratitude and I want to deepen, since it constitutes a very useful tool for growth and self-knowledge. Certainly, it has provided me with security, because I know myself better, and it is going to help me growing and causing others to grow. I was delighted with Leopoldo because he transmits and communicates ideas very well with his interventions, and Preciada surprised me very much because she gave the seminar full of joy while still making it seriously”.

Maite Díaz Pérez
Financial Director

“MAT is a real discovery because I could never imagine that emotions had a logical sequence and that could be measured. It is a method which contents are very ethical, since their aim and their contribution is respect and transcendental values. It has removed a lot of things that were asleep inside me. It has caused my interest in awaking them and the joy of recognizing and naming them. I am already seeing results. The process is pleasant, ordered and very well managed. Instructors show first of all respect and they create a peaceful and respectful ambient. They are a guide.”

Nines Martínez del Olmo
Head of Logistics

“Since it has been contrasted from a scientific point of view, MAT has for me an incalculable and absolutely demonstrable value. Its emotional side is the most impressing for me, since I have always been aware of my emotional problems, and now I can identify and feel them. I can experience now sensations and emotions that I used to hide myself. Everything about personal growth gets transferred to all aspects of life. The process deepens into concepts that are normally forgotten though they really determine human personality. Being Preciada the creator of MAT, as an instructor she is just perfect.”

Arancha Merino
General Manager

“It surprises me very much being able to verify, in just a few sessions, how accurate the model is, and that is enough for me to consider it as presented: a scientific model. Amazing how accessible it is. It is very positively ethical, because it is only spread to people that are not going to utilize it to manipulate. I had been a long time looking for a growth path, knowing for myself and for my professional environment about the need of better placing some of my emotions. Instructors are balanced, intelligent, reliable, respectful and admirable.”

Alfredo Solá Pérez
Managing Partner

“I value MAT very markedly. I think that everything posed in this seminar is coherent and scientific. I feel good, comfortable; I have perceived security. I liked very much the order, rectitude and rigor the seminar is conducted with, and time management. I have an excellent opinion of instructors. They know what they are dealing with.”

Antonio Mediato
General Manager

“MAT is a scientific tool that allows diagnosing the essence of the person and provides the required guidelines for integral development. It seems logical to me, very well ordered, without any fissures. MAT offers the course of action to achieve the maximum level of natural and ethical ‘order’. It provokes in me the desire to know myself and the others, and also gives me the confidence that I can make it. It provides clarity to me. Instructors seem two trustable persons. You provide security. And, above all, they transmit that they posses ‘certainties’: I just love good people.”

Almudena Díaz Pérez
AIRZONE Management

“MAT is very logical model/tool that gives explanation to lot of doubts and existential questions that I have had and still have in some occasions. I consider it very ethical, because it respects every point of view and belief. From the emotional side I am delighted since it helps me feeling more secure, and I am happier and a lot more active and live since I have known it. I have always missed a better knowledge of myself and MAT has hit the nail on the head. From now on, I can give much more to others without any fear or complex. The process seems perfect to me. Instructors are magnificent, it is a real luck getting to meet you and I miss people with such a desire of teaching/ sharing/ living as you”.

Manuel López Payá
Head of Information Technology

“MAT, among psychological trends, does not follow the ‘naturist’ tendency, nor pragmatisms that only look for a forced adaptation to ‘what it is’, but tries to favor the noblest energies and values of human plenitude. You are a very competent professional; you have the required self-confidence in what you are doing.”

Manuel Liscano

“MAT is entirely moral, because it considers the person as a whole y as the center of every system, because it is made of love, because it addresses the multidimensionality of human being, from the use of senses till the experience of transcendence. I have discovered, I have been shaken up inside, I have been protected. Unlike everything I knew your creation has been modeled inside me. It is something in development, with illusion, with force, with affection. As a person and a professional, you are at the top. How did you achieve it?”

Juan de San Román
Training Consultant

“MAT is the most ethical: it opens up the road to freedom by unveiling the ignored depths of the person, and promotes the use of them all for his own growth while respecting the decisions and expectations of the others. From a logical and rational point of view, it is overwhelming due to the very strong bonds among concepts and the sequential correlation of the ones I know: structure, emotion, interactions… From an emotional point of view I am fascinated and delighted, and I feel like very much mastering it thoroughly, living and orientating me with it. You are a number 1 expert professional, honest and effective.”

Evelino Martínez Baneales

“MAT is interesting and valid. It is interesting because it provides new and, to my understanding, revolutionary knowledge about oneself. It is valid because it provides useful and effective ways for improving the communication with oneself and with the rest of the environment. From a rational point of view it can be considered of mathematical effectiveness should it be assimilated and developed. From an emotional and spiritual point of view it transmits hope to me, because it is going to allow me to reconcile with myself. It suggests the harmonious, soft and perfect fly of the dove. You are a competent professional, rich in nuances and with a much exercised sensibility.”

Rafael Tarín Alonso
Internacional Manager

“I evaluate MAT as the Human Relativity Theory because it defines, explains and relates human behavior. From a logical and rational point if view it is dazzling, revealing and guiding. You are balanced and affectionate, attractive as much for your love as for your knowledge.”

José de las Heras Mena
General Manager

“MAT is excellent. It stands out the highest human values and feelings. With MAT one feels the need to look inside and to reflect about our behavior at work and with the family. It is necessary and it must and has to be gratifying in every sense. You are an excellent professional, good communicator, collaborator and very considerate.”

Luis Bergua Grapa
Organization Consultant

“MAT is original and very interesting. I think that emotional engineering should be had more into account in organizational management. I evaluate this seminar as morally good, you have been very correct; you could have ‘violated’ us. From an emotional point of view it is impressive: it leads to reflect about oneself. It is a tool to better position us. It has convinced me little by little.”

Moisés Menéndez Andrés
Managing Partner

“I see MAT transcendent, logical and rational. Its ethics is one of the things that I most like about it, is as a parallel education: the respect to oneself and to the others. Observing emotions and reflecting on them awakens unknown and forgotten sensations, it even enhances the emotional language. The seminar is excellent and worthwhile, even just to meet Preciada and Leopoldo.”

Ángel Galán
Customer Service Manager

“MAT is correct and broad; it presents a rich and varied scenery of aspects. It is coherent and obeys a sequential logic. It is a complement that reinforces and completes some facets of my reference frameworks. You are demanding with yourself and with the others. You have a very suggestive personality, protecting and willing.”

Javier Sainz de la Hoz
Human Resources Manager

“MAT is an empiric methodology to discover the behavior of emotions and the elements that rule them, and I like it. It helps to discover oneself and to stop blaming others. It was a great pleasure to listen to, to learn and to begin walking in life. I enjoyed it very much.”

Tomás Carrasco Manzanares

Alliance Manager

“MAT is really a mathematical system. It constitutes a moral analysis because it helps differentiating well from evil, hygienic from toxic. It is going to help me personally because is going to give more love to take care of what I have. Professionally it is going to help me to better understand the reactions of people working with me. The process is dynamic and personalized, coherent, enjoyable and very well structured. Preciada seems to me to be a born psychologist, with the gift of wisdom and the pleasure of generosity. Leopoldo is the intellectual support of all the energies flowing in the room. I love his presence.”

Carmen Domínguez Penelas
Executive Producer

“I have demonstrated empirically that everything ‘matches’ between MAT and the experiences that I have lived and still live regularly. Everything that has to do with human relations, with culture, fits to perfection. That is why it seems magical, but it is not, it is all logical. The quest for human being freedom is the best possible ethical exercise. If you get people to operate at 100%, you sure will improve the world. I feel very happy when I realize that I live in a prison and that I can exit it and enrich my life. Being able to diagnose my own failures and having the tools to correct them can only get to improve my life. The teaching methodology is motivating and pleasant. The sum of the experiences of everyone in the group becomes a great contribution. Preciada and Leopoldo are marvelous persons that, as instructors, have transmitted very well the ideas and have managed to follow the thread without getting anyone lost.”

Rafael Moreno de Mesa
Regional Manager

“MAT has clear schemes to understand something very complex. It is very helpful because it allows a continuous reflection on personal behavior. This seminar seemed very short to me, though I am sure it will allow me to carry on great advances in my life. You have confidence in yourself and posses impressive communication energy.”

Victorio Sánchez

“I notice a logic and rationality in MAT that I cannot explain, so I keep observing and learning with curiosity. From an emotional point of view it frees me because I can visualize emotions, I understand them and that helps me. It is going to help me improving my professional and personal lives. You know the matter and you convey your captivating vocation.”

Jean Belda Valero

“From a logical and rational point of view, MAT seems very well structured to me. It is ethical because it is respectful and analyzes diversity. Emotionally is motivating and open, it opens up individual and collective possibilities. It is an improvement tool for persons and professionals. My opinion of you is very good: it improves with a close relationship.”

Paloma de Madariaga Fernández- Figares

“MAT seems positive and important to me because of its philosophy, and extremely correct in its approaches and its conclusions. From an emotional and spiritual standpoint it is transforming because it starts out from human being and carries it ahead. Because of its plenitude, it suggests total and maximum scream. You are attentive and passionate at the same time. You are more than an excellent professional.”

Joaquín Drake de Rivera
Managing Director

“I liked very much your human engineering scheme. MAT is a very useful tool to deepen the improvement of my personality and my capacity to achieve a balanced development. The diagram of basic emotions and typologies is very interesting, and also the concepts of love and manipulation. It is going to give tools to see more objectively my feelings, my capacities and my psychological patterns, and also the other’s, and better manage and order my own life. Your knowledge of human psychology has impressed me very much, and how you use questions to make us think.”

David Reyero Trapiello
Compensation Manager

“It seems like MAT follows logic laws and is rational, so anyone can learn it. From an ethical point of view, it suggests to me that we are not predestinated and the human being is free and rules its own life. It provokes pride, love and joy in me, conveyed as admiration, as attaining a safe place or paradise, and as peace and happiness to have found it. It is an infallible arm that allows taking full advantage of human relationships. Instructors are fantastic, with a complete mastery of the theory and a impressing capacity to perceive and analyze other people.”

Susana Calleja
Portfolio Manager

“I value MAT as very logical and rational. It is very interesting and I think that it permits to know oneself and the others, and the development and evolution of human being. I think that it constitutes a great advantage for human relations, improving them and making them more positive. None of it leaves you indifferent, especially when you verify it on you and the others. It is going to help me in my professional life with no doubt, because it is a practical tool that you can apply in every occasion. Preciada and Leopoldo are very good as instructors: they master the subject, expose it very clearly and the seminar is very pleasant, contributive and with innovative elements that maintain attention from beginning to end. I want to go on with it.”

Ángeles Muñoz Gregorio
Information Technology Consultant

“MAT has a great inner coherence. Every personality model seems very logic and sound to me. MAT application on big scale would increase ethics and allow living together in harmony. It is a great help towards growth and a guide. It allows you to help the others to make a full use of their potentials. It surprised me that the entire group quickly surmounted negative obsolete ideas in the light of something so new as MAT. You know the good impression I have of you as instructors.”

N. Marcelo Martín Burgos
Creative Director

“In the beginning I felt somehow skeptical but, as I learned more about the methodology, I can understand its great logic and I am able to relate all its concepts. I consider it non-invasive, although it is very existential. I am more and more convinced that we live surrounded by emotions that are present in every moment of my life. I feel myself improving, because I become aware of why I act or react on a certain way, and also the people around me, and I am beginning to analyze what would be more logical and appropriate in every situation. Preciada and Leopoldo transmit a lot of love, confidence and security, and I feel them closer.”

Marisa Latiegui Antón
Outplacement Manager

“MAT is highly logical and rational. Its foundations seem correct and its conclusions very reasonable. It is very ethical and its treatment of emotions was a discovery for me. I feel curiosity to learn more and security about I was taught. It is helping me knowing myself and the people around me. The process seemed very good to me, and also the content of the sessions, the exposure and the seminar ambient give security. I feel confident.”

Rafael Alvarez-Escarpizo Correa
Claim Manager

“MAT is complete, coherent and universal. It is very ethical. It provides an objective personal analysis and an improvement road, without any invasion or disqualification, conferring opportunities. I feel hope and joy because now I have a tool to understand and improve myself, and also to comprehend the others. It can help me find the people and activities more convenient for me, and also to improve other people. Instructors have plenty of knowledge on the subject and a respectful exposition.”

Roberto Valbuena

“I think that MAT is an alternative explanation of human behavior that allows you to know yourself, to know the other and to search for a change. It is ethical because it does not invade; it creates a space for growth if desired. I am very curious for both the concepts and its application. It has supposed an important reinforcement for me that gives me a lot of security. Apart from interesting, it has been very funny. You have shown MAT with plenty of security and knowledge. I want to continue.”

Yolanda Sánchez Galán

“I consider MAT logically irreproachable, original and ‘paradoxically’ innovative. Ethically speaking, it is a necessary kick to conventionalism and commonplaces. It is going to help me personally and professionally, starting moving new gears. The seminar is dynamic, exhaustive in its emotional aspects. You are brilliant and connected”.

Claude Everlet
President Assistant

“MAT is interesting and new; it helps you discovering your being. It is able to explain from a rational and logical point of view human emotions and personality, applying rigorous concepts to human behavior. Ethically it is positive, since its first objective is achieving plenitude and attacking and getting rid of manipulation. You are learning to master new instruments for improvement, to feel what you should feel, to differentiate emotions. You get connected to your real being that was asleep. To know you more and better is the one way to grow as a person and as a professional. Doing this with these instructors and a group that shares, promotes and encourages those values can only make you improve in every aspect. Preciada is enthusiastic; she transmits unswervingly her confidence in MAT, encourages us to improve and to share a different vision of the world. Leopoldo is somebody that perfectly completes Preciada’s emotions.”

Roberto Ferri
Commercial Coordination

“MAT is reasonable, ethical and scientific because it follows the basic norms to be considered scientific. I am fascinated with knowing it and being able to apply it. My intuition tells me that it is going to help, also because it is a change management tool. You are excellent, I intuit that you are going somebody important in my life, both professional and personally.”

Marisa Fernández García

“I consider MAT an essential tool for human being improvement as a person, and a fundamental achievement to be able to distinguish the right things from those that are not. I feel an immense joy, I notice myself enjoying situations that did not even perceive before. It is not only that I think, but I am sure that MAT is going to help me. I am already improved relations in my family and I am more comfortable at work. The process is correct and well structured. Preciada and Leopoldo: marvelous, originals, fascinating, my biggest joy”.

Luis Morales Sánchez
Corporate Financial Adviser

“From a logical and rational point of view, MAT is a great tool. It seems to be very well worked and elaborated. I am attracted; I like very much and feel like deepen. You are excellent. I want to continue learning and deepening.”

Carlos San Antonio Monsell

“MAT is logically very structured, because it is applicable and useful. It is ethically valuable. I feel that it is an easy tool that I like to know. It creates a space in which feeling, finding oneself and compare. You manage very well information and know how to transmit it.”

Patricia Concellón

“MAT is very interesting and innovative, coherent and well experimented over a large number of cases. I value very much the parallelism with illnesses that appears in the different typologies. I consider MAT as ethical enough, since it is aimed at personal growth, at reinforcing own resources and at self-knowledge, that is fascinating. You have a great career, both professional an personally, and has developed a big research work, probably with effort, but enjoying it”.

María Jesús Salvachúa Algar

“MAT seems very rational and logical to me. It seems very positive taking into account that it applies to every person, that contemplates the pros and cons of each one and that offers help to connect every person, without discrimination. My body reacts to it as saying ‘that agrees with me’. It is so great for me to discover and support my competence, my talent and my vocation. Even with so much information, MAT structure resulted clear to me. I felt very comfortable with both Preciada and Leopoldo.”

María Jesús Concha Agundez
Face and Foot Reflexologist

“MAT is highly logical and rational. It approaches personality in a true way. It reinforces positively ethical aspects. Emotionally, I feel peace, openness, more sensitivity. It helped me to reaffirm my direction. You are very good.”

Patrocinio Nieto Moreno

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