Preciada’s Curriculum Vitae



Preciada Azancot Medina, born in Fez (Morocco), on 25 March 1943. Deceased on May 7, 2017 in Javea, Alicante, Spain.

Preciada Azancot - February 2014

Preciada Azancot – February 2014






  • Diplôme d’Études Supérieures en Droit Public

Mohamed V University, Agdal, Rabat, Diplôme accredited by the University of Bordeaux, France

Year: 1973


  • Postgraduate degree in International Relations. Cum Laude

Mohamed V University, Agdal, Rabat, accredited by the University of Bordeaux, France

Year 1972


  • Postgraduate degree in Political Sciences

Mohamed V University, Agdal, Rabat, accredited by the University of Bordeaux, France

Year 1971


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Law

Mohamed V University, Agdal, Rabat, accredited by the University of Bordeaux, France

Year 1971




  • Self-Control and Personal Development Course

Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Personal

Centre for Research and Personal Development


Year 2003


  • Alfonso Fraile Workshop

Escuela de Bellas Artes de Madrid

School of Fine Arts of Madrid

Year 1984


  • Advanced Special Member Certificate

ALAT, Latin American Association of Transactional Analysis

Year 1983


  • Bank Marketing Seminar

Banco Nacional de Descuento


Year 1983


  • Graduate in Transactional Analysis

Eric Berne Institute. Clínica La Florida

Caracas, Venezuela

Year 1981

  • Active Associate Member

Asociación Venezolana de Ejecutivos

Association of Executives of Venezuela


Year 1979


  • Therapies undertaken for purposes of personal self-analysis

Two years of therapy in Transactional Analysis

Two years of therapy in Jungian Analysis

One year of therapy in Psychoanalysis

Six months of Gestalt therapy

One year of Bioenergetics therapy

Caracas, Venezuela

Years 1977 – 1983


  • Basic Transactional Analysis Certificate

Asociación Venezolana de Análisis Transaccional.

Transactional Analysis Association of Venezuela

Year 1978


  • Course on Bank Strategy and Planning

Congreso de la Cámara de Comercio Internacional

Conference of the International Chamber of Commerce

Deauville, France

Year 1978



  • Bank Marketing Seminar

FELABAN (Federation of Latin American Banks)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Year 1977


  • Bank Marketing Management Course

Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración

Institute of Advanced Management Studies


Year 1976


  • Summer Course

Academia de Derecho Internacional de la Haya

International Law Academy of The Hague

The Hague, Netherlands, July-August

Year 1972


  • School of Fine Arts of Rabat

Years 1970 and 1971





  • InfoSpeech (currently, Fonetic), Madrid, Spain, 2004 – 2005
    • Management of the change process at InfoSpeech: Preciada made a profound diagnosis of the organisation and completely restructured the company’s image and personality. She prepared a complete strategic plan directed at making the company the leader in its sector. Juan Manuel Soto, its chairman, is, more than ever, a MAT enthusiast, and, in testimony of his gratitude, wrote the book “La empresa como ser vivo” (The company as a living being”, published by Granica), on the outstanding benefits of MAT.


  • KEON (BBVA-Iberdrola Group), Madrid, Spain, 1997 – 2000
    • She met Juan Manuel Soto because a student of hers, who was at the time Keon’s Corporate Development Manager had given, with her authorisation, training in MAT to a Keon director. Preciada went to teach the last seminar (Plenitude 2) and there met the General Manager, Juan Manuel. She proposed diagnosing the organisation and, as he was already convinced by MAT, he offered her two weeks a day of consultancy work, which soon became three, as Senior Management Consultant, forming part of the Executive Committee.
    • There she created the MAT business culture, and the total quality committees, which Preciada directed: the Committees of HR, Innovation, Sales and Products. The spirit of the organisation changed. Here she created the MAT Total Quality Management System. Next, she detected the need to implement coaching in the sales area, and this is what she did. Keon was like paradise and an island within the IBV Group (Iberdrola –BBVA).


  • Hospital Universitario de la Princesa, Madrid, Spain, 1992 – 1994
    • Application of MAT in people with high risk diseases and discovery of the patterns of emotional behaviour which lead to said diseases. Discovery of the adjuvant preventive and curative emotional therapies.
    • Collaboration with the Heads of the Cardiology Service, Doctor Graciano Martín Pérez, and Lung Unit, Doctor Ángel González. Collaboration with doctors specialised in oncology, neurology and endocrinology.


  • ICS, Madrid, Spain, 1989 – 1991
    • She joined ICS as advisor of the general manager, Santiago Rebollo. Her first mission was to make the former general manager, who had been kept on as sales director, and who divided the company, leave without seeking vast sums in compensation. She achieved this. And they started out from zero, with a heavy financial burden. This is where MAT strategic management was implemented. As a result, a small and insignificant company became, in the eyes of Ferrovial, a juicy business, and the company was sold to the prestigious French group Dassault, which kept on the entire staff of management and employees.
    • At the end of one year of training, Dassault acknowledged that its Spanish subsidiary was in fact leader in management, development and innovation. The main player was Francisco Herrero López, who had been Rebollo’s deputy at Telettra, and was a member of the MAT Club of Leaders.


  • TELETTRA ESPAÑA, Madrid, Spain, 1985 – 1987
    • As independent consultant. Management and execution of the diagnosis of the company, Management Committee and Strategic Change Plan.
    • After two years of work, all problems had been solved; the new culture she designed and implemented had united the management team. The general manager was already respected and loved, and as an unexpected result of the MAT strategic planning that had been implemented, turnover tripled and so did Telettra’s production, without having to hire anyone new or to buy any more machines.


  • BANCO NACIONAL DE DESCUENTO, Venezuela, 1983 – 1984
    • Advisor to the Chairman as Director for Strategic Change.
    • This Bank was the third largest in the country, but unscrupulous business on the part of its president and board of directors led to its intervention by the State. A new Chairman-Controller was appointed, whose mission was to reinstate the bank and try to find a way of refloating it. The Chairman called her and entrusted her with the central coordination of the institution’s entire activity. She made a profound diagnosis of the bank, and prepared an action plan that was wholly approved by the Chairman, who entrusted her with managing its implementation. There were 147 problems detected for resolution, of which 30 were considered impossible and one depended exclusively on the Chairman, as it related to his political position with the Superintendent of Banking and President of the Government.
    • After two years of work, on top of solving 146 of the bank’s 147 problems, she managed to reinstate it and refloat it completely, doubling the portfolio and results that the bank had prior to being intervened. Also, she achieved a perfect integration between the old guard of the managers who depended on the previous directors and the new managers who entered along with the new Chairman/Controller, something which had been thought impossible. Here she verified MAT’s validity, which she had already discovered during her previous consultancy, but did not reveal its existence to anyone as she was still in the phase of experimentation.


  • CREATOR, S.L.R., Venezuela, 1982 – 1984
    • Founder and Executive Director of the Company.


  • AXXA Corretaje de Seguros, Venezuela, 1980 – 1981
    • Central Coordinator of Executive Management.
    • At this insurance brokerage firm, she had three missions: to fulfil the role of Advisor to the Chairman, to coordinate the activity of the group’s 17 companies, and to create the strategic planning division. Here is where Preciada created her own strategic planning methodology, which now forms part of MAT training (seminar 13: Plenitude 1). At the end of two years of work, the group’s companies tripled their financial results, the strategic planning division was created and AXXA ranked first in the country, with a difference, in terms of business volumes and results in the country’s insurance sector. The Association of Banks of Venezuela made her a large poster that read “the ICU of finance” and referred to her as an unsurpassable model in consulting.


  • BANCO METROPOLITANO, C.A., Venezuela, 1977 – 1980
    • Management of the Strategic Change Process.
    • Initially, her mission was to prepare the son of the Bank’s Chairman, Alfredo, to replace his father, Don Carlos Beracasa. After 3 months she proposed to the Chairman, while training her son, to create the Strategic Division. He accepted.
    • Creation and management of the Strategic Division: including the areas of Marketing, Strategic Planning and New Business Development. She made a diagnosis of the organisation and prepared a Strategic Plan that was approved by the Board of Directors. She created and directed the division. She launched a complete image transformation after implementing the internal adjustments contained in her plan. After an 8-month campaign, the bank not only achieved each and every one of the established objectives, but also moved from ranking number 27 (out of 31 national banks in total) to the first position in the country in rate of growth. This drew the attention of the Association of Banks of Venezuela which summoned her and appointed her President of the Marketing Commission, which she created. The consulting firm McKinsey head hunted her as director for strategy and change. The largest consulting firms in the country offered her any job she wanted. Here began the harassment she suffered from consultants who wanted to know what her secret was so that they could achieve the same results. She didn’t know.
    • As a result of her work, Banco Metropolitano was bought for more than ten times the value it had when the consulting work began, by a prestigious North American business bank. For references: Alfredo Beracasa.


  • SERETES, France, Jan-1974, Jan-1976
    • As “Ingenieur d´études” (research engineer)
    • For the French Ministry of the Environment: Management and execution of the Study “Feasibility of energy consumption in the treatment and recycling of urban waste
    • For the French Ministry of the Interior: Management and execution of the Study “Studies implemented in France, UK, Spain, Germany and Portugal for housing and safeguarding the living conditions of workers on worksites with more than 3,000 employees
    • For the Spanish Ministry of the Interior: Management and execution of the Study “Organisation of implementation for works of more than 3,000 employees
    • For the French National Atomic Energy Committee: Management and execution of the Study “Use of cooling waters at the Bugey Nuclear Power Station for cultivating greenhouse vegetables
    • For the Association of Municipal Technicians and Councillors of France. Management and execution of the Study “Citizen participation in the buildings of the new French cities



PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE as Researcher and Professor


  • 2000 – 2013 Training of MAT professionals, qualified to provide training in MAT.


  • 1987 – 2013: Foundation and Management of the MAT School of Leaders. Madrid and Jávea, Spain and Caracas, Venezuela: Preparatory Training in MAT, Masters MAT, MAT Coaches, Instructors, Professors and Analysts. More than 3,000 students trained to date.


  • 1987 – 2013: Study of the laws discovered, through testing and applying MAT, on 120,000 cases to date.


  • 1982-1987 Research, study and testing of the Metamodel of Analysis that Transforms on more than 50,000 cases. Caracas, Venezuela. Madrid, Spain.


  • 1980-1982 Discovery, Investigation, Development and Creation of MAT, Metamodel of Analysis that Transforms, and of the laws of Emotional Engineering. Caracas, Venezuela.




We would refer you to the document “Summary of my MAT research methodology”.



  • Presentation of MAT – Metamodel of Analysis that Transforms

11th Spanish Congress of Transactional Analysis

Toledo, Spain

Year 2002


  • First Energy Congress of Venezuela

School of Engineers


Year 1983


  • First Financial Congress

Banco de Maracaibo


Year 1983


  • Presentation of MAT – Metamodel of Analysis that Transforms

Venezuelan Conference of Transactional Analysis


Year 1983


  • 2nd Conference on Foreign Trade

Caracas, Venezuela

Year 1978


  • Conference of Governors of FELABAN (Federation of Latin American Banks)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Year 1977


  • Andean Economic Integration and its influence on the Banking Sector

Banco Metropolitano

Caracas, Venezuela

Year 1977







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  • Azancot Medina, Preciada; Gálvez Cruz, Antonio (2011). Tulga3000 EDITORES, S.L. ed. SÍ, ME INDIGNO ¡¿Y AHORA QUÉ?!. Jávea, Spain. ISBN (13): 978-84-938878-4-1.
  • Azancot Medina, Preciada; Gálvez Cruz, Antonio (June 2013). Tulga3000 EDITORES, S.L. ed. Un cielo de andar por casa en cada fase de nuestra vida. Primera parte: La madurez no es cuestión de edad, sino de recorrido. Jávea, Spain. ISBN-13: 978-1490380933.

Here you can find her books at



  • Patent and trademark “MAT, Metamodelo de Análisis Transformacional” with its logo: 2679447 Spanish trademark, granted and maintained with the OEPM (Spanish Patent and Trademark Office) in classes 9, 16, 35, 41 and 42 . REF: RMA/ Trademarks. Invoice No. 10503/2006. Date: 26/05/2006. Trademark registration name: TRADEMARK No.2.679.447. Owner: Preciada Azancot Medina. Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Trade. Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Filed on 14/11/2006 and granted on 18/04/2006.


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19.- Participation in the group book “Liderando con emoción” published by Editorial Griker Orgener for Soluziona. “Tipología emocional de los líderes” by Preciada Azancot. ISBN: 84-932072-84. Legal deposit: M-31791-2001. 1ª edición: 2001.


Also numerous articles in digital format which you can find at:





Since 1986 Preciada Azancot has also developed another facet of her personality, as a plastic artist (painter). She has been exhibited individually in numerous prestigious galleries in Madrid and Barcelona as well as in museums and foundations such as the Museo de Bellas Artes of Santander, the Gregorio Sánchez foundation of Madrid, the Caja Madrid foundation of Barcelona or Casa de Isaac el Cec in Gerona. Preciada is the creator of a new plastic current, Transformational Expressionism and is particularly well-known for her more than forty portraits of major composers.


You can see some of Preciada Azancot’s pictorial work on:

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