The MAT School of Leaders

The MAT School of Leaders is the MAT University and a forum for expression, debate, and relation between people trained in MAT. The MAT School of Leaders is a university of the third millenium that unites everyone who has been trained in MAT. It is a place of study, research, interrelation and support.

The MAT School of Leaders is led by Preciada Azancot.

It consists of people who are studying or have completed courses in MAT. People who, through MAT are capable of analysing different issues better and in more depth and who are finding solutions for the future. People who have achieved or are on the way to achieving becoming leaders of their own lives.

The MAT School of Leaders consists of different categories of members. These are:

  • Basic Students
  • Progressive Students
  • Advanced Students
  • Teachers
  • Analysts
  • Academics

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