MAT Recruiting

Recruit People according to its Competency, its Talent and its Vocation

MAT is used by recruiting professionals and headhunters as the best available tool to get to know the candidates in depth and to select the most suitable one for the existing position.

MAT allows you to diagnose in real-time the emotional performance of the candidate, offering then deep information on his excellence points, his preferences, his fitting in the job and in the organization, etc. It is a perfect complement to the techniques widely used today, more oriented towards the experience, knowledge and abilities.

We distinguish between two types of recruiting processes:

Massive processes: where many candidates must be evaluated at the same time, and that are based on tests. MAT CACHET provides a test through which all information regarding the personality of the candidate is attained. This test can be added to others currently used in order to cover every aspect of the person. MAT test is perfectly consistent and cannot be influenced by the candidate.

Individual processes: carried out through personal interviews, in which a complete diagnosis of the candidate is made. MAT CACHET can train the company recruiters to use MAT or also provide specialized consultants to accomplish the job.

If you want more complete information on our recruiting methodology, please contact us and we will send it to you.

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