MAT Courses

MAT Cachet organizes several kinds of seminars on MAT oriented to Companies:

  • Master on MAT.
  • Advanced Course on MAT.
  • Training to become a MAT Coach and Mentor.
  • Vocation and Talent Management.
  • Intuitive Intelligence.

For the time being, all our courses are in Spanish.

We have launched the course “Quadruple your business and professional results and potency – Spanish“© (45 hours, spread over 9 consecutive months), specifically designed for the entrepreneurs, managers and executives of the Spanish-speaking community in the United States.

This 45 hour course has proven capable of quadrupling attendants’ power to transform themselves, and the tangible and material results of their activities.

Two first seminars (10 hours in total) are aimed at acquiring basic tools and knowledge of the most advanced and innovative science in the World,  MAT. These first two seminars are transforming in their own right. Signing up to them requires no subsequent engagement.

The seven following seminars (35 hours over 7 months) are for those wishing to deepen their knowledge, acquire more powerful tools and perfect their use of them, managing to quadruple their personal and professional potency.

Should you wish more comprehensive information on this course, please click here or contact us and we will send it to you.

Cuadruplique su potencia y sus resultados - USA - 2013 - Empresarios

Four reasons have led us to design these courses:

1. Existing MBA teach management abilities, but they do not consider the manager personality, neither how to detect and maximize its individual potentials. They do not perceive the enterprise as a live entity with its own personality that needs a specific culture, type of leadership and strategic planning to optimize its results and development.

2. In a world where we better and better dominate technology and science, we cannot advance decisively while human being –creator and central protagonist of development– is still a mystery resembling an iceberg whose head is visible (and can be rationally understood) but whose main part remains submerged, unconscious and non accessible. MAT signifies a revolution because, for the first time, the study of human being and its creations becomes a science that unveils and rationalizes its structure and the laws that govern them.

3. Our research and long experience show that a big amount of Managers potential energy is wasted. The reason for such a poor performance is that most executives do not base its management on the detection and recovery of its real innate vocation. Not even on its innate talent. And only 15% of them base it on its innate competency. With MAT, everyone finds out how to use more than 80% of its potential energy.

4. We have a unique scientific instrument, MAT, that allows in just four intensive mornings to locate the exclusive competency, talent and vocation of each person, and to be able to identify and choose among the others, so providing the basic tools to achieve the use of 80% of oneself innate energy.

Should you wish more comprehensive information on our courses, please contact us and we will send it to you.

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