MAT and Business

Our consulting firm’s oustanding proposal and distinguishing feature is the MAT methodology in a worldwide exclusive. All our consultants have wide and brilliant management and consulting experience and are thoroughly trained in handling MAT.

Our consulting specialisation for the last 31 years has been MANAGING STRATEGIC CHANGE PROCESSES. We have also designed and developed unique methodologies.

Our extensive background in consulting allows us to respond to the particular needs of each company and organisation and to design tailormade consultancies in line with their personality and potential.

We offer a wide range of tools capable of:

  • Diagnosing
  • Establishing communication
  • Culturing
  • Managing
  • Researching and innovating
  • Strategic planning

All of the above through the application of MAT to the Business

FOR EXAMPLE: With two consultants, over THREE HALF DAYS, clients obtain:

  • An in-depth diagnosis of the personality of 15 top managers.
  • Identification of their skills, talents and vocations in distinct, precise, and clear terms.
  • An action plan to rescue and manage the skills, talents and vocations of each senior manager.
  • An in-depth diagnosis of the company’s personality. Detecting the company’s skill, talent and vocation.
  • A unique world seminar in the System of Belonging in the organisation.
  • An action plan to institute solidarity and commitment from team members towards the company. And business leadership in its context.

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