For your full protection

MAT represents the most formidable revolution in the history of human sciences and is so rational, coherent and congruent that it can be easily understood by people without any training in psychology.

This is not the case with its application and teaching. The MAT School of Leaders of MAT CACHET offers exclusive training in MAT and for its professional application trains Teachers, Consultants and Analysts, This training requires, in addition to the rigorous selection of candidates and permanent monitoring of their conduct, six long and demanding years of training and constant supervision. Anyone who offers MAT training and who does not present at least their Teacher Certificate signed by MAT’s creator as well as their contract of collaboration with MAT CACHET, is not qualified to teach or apply this training in the consulting field. In teh field of analysis, ithe MAT Analyst certificate will also have to be presented, likewise signed by MAT’s creator.

Imitators, people who are unscrupulous or irresponsible can seriously damage your emotional balance and physical or psychological health as well as your organisation. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by imitators, plagiarists, copyists or amateurs. We would add that on a exceptional occasions the Professional Ethics Committee of MAT CACHET has been obliged to expel students for their damaging conduct, therefore we advise you to contact us in the event of receiving any unsollicited proposals so that we may advise you in that regard. MAT CACHET is only liable for the services provided by its Directors, Consultants and Collaborators duly accredited by the creator here and now. MAT is the creation of Preciada Azancot and her know-how is protected by intellectual property, patent and trademark legislation. Please take the time to carefully read our Legal Notice.

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