Research and Innovation

MAT, as a science that explains Human Beings and their Organisations, has many lines of Research and Innovation

The research carried out to date has focused, on the one hand, on proving MAT’s correct explanation of human behaviour, and on the other, on the relationship between health and our emotional and structural engineering, with more than two years of exclusive dedication by MAT’s creator, Preciada Azancot, unveiling the relationship between emotional dysfunctions and diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Lung Disease and Endocrine disorders.

These results were presented in May 2010 during a solemn act sponsored by Pfizer laboratories and presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and President of the Illustrious Association of Physicians of Zaragoza to more than 180 physicians who described said results as representing a new paradigm in the sciences of health. In this Research line, known as MAT and Health, MAT-Cachet collaborates with prestigious specialists in order to promote the application of MAT therapies as coadjuvants, demonstrating promising results for the prevention and treatment of illnesses.

As an illustration of MAT’s usefulness in preventing and treating heart disease, the first cause of death in the United States and Europe, we offer you this article by the creator of MAT: A new behavioural pattern can combat heart disease.

Preciada Azancot’s discoveries regarding the relationship between emotional dysfunctions and high risk diseases are explained in detail in her book, written in Spanish “Librarse de las enfermedades y de paso, aterrizar en la sensatez” (‘Getting rid of diseases and in passing gaining common sense), published by Tulga3000 Editores and available through Amazon, in both electronic and paper format.

In addition to these lines of Research, MAT-Cachet investigates the following areas:

MAT and Psychology:

  • Models of human behaviour, Personal Growth, Personal Leadership, Addictions.

MAT and Universal History:

MAT and Management:

  • Diagnosis of the organisation.
  • The Maslow model versus the Omega Theory.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Total Quality.
  • Knowledge management.

MAT and ART:

  • Recognising genius and the creations of genii.
  • How to become a creator.

MAT Innovation and Creation:        

  • In all the fields above, we apply the MAT Meta-methodology of Innovation and Creation, given that it covers, encompasses and transforms enhancing the various possible Innovation and Creation Methodologies. For a complete description of this Meta-methodology, we advise you to read the book, written in Spanish: METAMETODOLOGIA MAT DE LA INNOVACION Y DE LA CREACION (MAT  Metamethodology of Innovation and Creation).

If you would like to learn more about our lines of research or would like to collaborate with us, don’t hesistate to contact us.

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