My MAT Research Methodology

Below is a text written by Preciada Azancot on the research methodology she applied in her discoveries of MAT. If you would like to read an academic document about the research methodology implemented by Preciada Azancot, please, click here.

Summary of my MAT Research Methodology

Preciada Azancot

On the basis of a passionate, almost exclusive and unfaltering, love – vocational in this instance – for TRUTH, which always liberates, relieves us from dead weights, and allows us to flow in greater freedom, arises respectfully and in awe, my OBEDIENCE to the order of what surpasses us all and thus appeases us when we accept, blissfully, more and better access to the presence of infinite Finalities that feed the joy of certainty in finding, always, more and better Truth in our enchantment with diversity.

For this reason, the ethics of my research are based first and foremost on the terror and rejection of a starting theory or hypothesis; because this would annul and falsify the veracity and purity of the investigation. At the most I would allow myself to have a question, even if it were an existential question, in other words, a query that, ever since I was a child, I asked myself with amazement and candour. If this question pursued a finality that escaped the child’s comprehension, so much the better. In my case, since I was three years of age, I was astonished to suddenly see human beings as if in a cartoon, walking by bouncing along on their heads and thinking with their feet, and I asked myself why they would do this given that we are all built to walk comfortably on our feet and to think peacefully with our heads.

This obedience and horror of egos conditions and guarantees my ETHICS as a researcher. The first part of these ethics consists of my firm habit of  erasing myself, privileging the other’s safety over my own, added to the concern in finding my own toxic or weak points so as not to threaten the integrity of the environment.

This obedient habit of searching for what is bad and toxic in myself before doing so in others is the source and guarantee of refining my proven skill to diagnose (myself and others) as a privileged part of SAFETY. Similarly, safety has allowed me to draw boundaries around my own field of personal research and to ensure the respect and integrity of the discoveries and works of others which precede and facilitate the initiation of my own investigation. In my case, I was only interested in answering the question that was with me since childhood. But to do that, I had to study International Law, engineering and psychology (see CV) in depth before discovering MAT, whose father I consider to be Eric Berne (creator of Transactional Analysis) and whose mother is Karl Gustav Jung (creator of Jungian analysis).


In the history of my discovery of the laws of MAT which govern the functioning of the human being’s seven-dimensional structure, I can distinguish and differentiate between five successive stages:

* The 1st stage, from 1973 to 1978, consisted of an instinctive application of “having to do” things in a certain way in my job as Director of Strategic Change Processes, as something that seemed obvious to me and to me only, and which moreover worked always. Although I didn’t understand why others didn’t do the same also, since these things were not only obvious, they had a high impact and provided lasting results. Like any creator, I carried my discovery within myself, and I had embodied it without yet being aware of having discovered anything special. This foundation, based on my love for truth and the scrupulous obedience to my ethics, with objective and tangible results which impressed all the professionals in my field, was my phase of SAFETY.

This safety of mine was not only based on my ethics, which I consider to be what is most important, but also was founded on my capacity to produce tangible and objective results within my profession. Indeed, since 1976 I had “invented” a profession that around that time did not exist in Europe or in Latin America: Agent for Change in Organisational Strategic Planning. My first job as a director of a strategic change process was at a small family bank which ranked 27 in rate of growth out of a total of 31 Venezuelan banks. After 18 months of work, the bank in question ranked first in the country in terms of rate of growth and it had completely transformed and modernised its image. There was a commotion in Venezuela’s Banking Association and I was appointed President of the National Marketing and Development Commission, and all the most prestigious multinational consulting firms courted me for themselves. As all my consultant colleagues asked me about my “secrets” and I was not aware of doing anything in particular, I decided to study myself, instead of studying medicine as I had intended, because I hadn’t yet found the answer to my existential question. With the same rigour as I studied what was outside myself, I started to fill out observation forms of what I did and how I did it.

* The 2nd stage, from 1979 to 1982, my research looked into my own behaviour towards others and towards myself. I discovered first of all that I intuitively spoke seven complete languages depending on the type of person I was dealing with, and that these allowed me to create for others a safe space where they could, for the first time in their lives, assume their differential talent and access plenitude by conquering their true personal vocation. That is how I realised that there were, in every society, seven types of people. That was why I obtained the results I did with them, and more importantly: their own and definitive transformation into the best of themselves.

As I was also an artist and portrait painter, I rapidly discovered the distinguishing features of each human family (which I later called personality typologies), then I discovered the seven-dimensional structure of the human being, followed by the universal emotional and sensory functional engineering along with its 37 basic typological patterns of behaviour. In the end, I discovered two mega-structures: the Omega sequence and the three axes.

At the same time, I was obtaining the same astounding results as during my first intervention in the previous bank, at an insurance brokerage firm – which controlled 17 companies – where I was responsible for strategic planning and which I positioned first in the country

I was also preparing myself to direct the strategic recovery of the largest and most problematic bank in the country, as it was intervened by the State and technically bankrupt. Furthermore, there was an openly declared war between the new team of the Chairman and Controller, the former management’s old guard, and the politicians. It resembled a mission impossible.

It was early 1982 and I had already discovered that, indeed, I not only had a very personal methodology, but also had discovered something very important: the universal human structure with its seven dimensions (and not four, as believed since the ancient Greeks) and our emotional and sensory engineering in its 37 basic patterns of functioning which were also universal. How did I react when I realised this? With utter terror at the thought that I might be making a mistake and with the firm resolve to verify my findings solo while I kept my discoveries secret until I was sure not to have found a single exception to the laws I had discovered, systemised into what I called MAT (the Metamodel of Analysis that Transforms)! Since it was a question, for the first time in the history of psychology and sociology of true laws that govern the ethical, intellectual, cultural, creational, mental and spiritual aspects of the human being! And I now had a laboratory where I could experiment it on more than 2,000 employees. At the start of my work at that bank, I detected 140 endemic problems, of which 30 were claimed unsolvable and only one depended exclusively on the political authority in its negotiations with the Chairman. After 19 months of work, all 140 problems had been resolved and the petty rivalries were replaced with a climate of peace and enthusiastic collaboration between all bank employees and directors.

So my discoveries worked in practice, but why did they work? I continued verifying the unchanging validity of all those discoveries in thousands of cases. The technique I used as of 1982 to verify the applicability of MAT, was to divide the employees at each multinational company where I directed change processes, into groups that shared the same typology. I started with a group of 2,000 that year.

Said 2,000 first samples divided into seven groups, one per typological family, allowed me to observe in each typology:

  • The adequacy of their emotional engineering (personal typological equation: inflated emotion, disconnected emotion and prohibited emotion).
  • The two basic existential beliefs of each typology.
  • Their existential dramas.
  • Their progress in recovering their talents and vocations according to the application of the MAT style of communication and MAT style of leadership for each typology.
  • And the objective and quantifiable results that they obtained with treatment.
  • Each group had coaches and mentors selected from among the managers who shared the same typology as the group of employees.

I was able to verify that they were true LAWS and that these applied not only to people but also to all human creations and manifestations. And so I believed that it all ended there, which was no small thing. This second phase was the DEVELOPMENT phase of the research.

* The 3rd stage, from 1982 to 1986, was the time to overthrow clichés:

  • Confrontation of lies and clichés.
  • Revelation of political, ideological and cultural manipulations.
  • Discoveries of the inversions and gratuitous accusations that invert the true Order of what is human through the selective negation of Natural Law.
  • Access to new values.
  • Systemisation of the MAT style of communication and leadership appropriate to extract, manage, and transmit a new personal, organisational and social culture based, no longer on skills management, which negates the differential talent of each human being and every group or social organisation (whether a family, a company, a country or a continent) but on the ethical and pacific affirmation, not only of said talent (which allows to unblock a dignifying productivity of 40% of installed capacities, instead of the maximum 20% expectable on our planet), but also of access in plenitude to the differential vocation and easy use of 80% of the virtualities installed and hidden until then.

In other words, I now had a meta-methodology and precise, objective and transmissible tools that made it possible for any good professional to obtain the results that I obtained and continued to obtain directing change processes in businesses.

In 1984 I moved to Madrid and started to study the validity of MAT directly with TV personalities, organising very decisive video recordings (which I still keep and can help to recognise and understand the universe of each MAT typology).

At the same time, I applied my discoveries, through tests and treatments, on the 2,500 employees and managers of a multinational where I was directing a new Strategic Change process in Madrid. After less than two years, we tripled production, sales and profits without hiring one more person than at the beginning of the process, or acquiring a single additional machine. The results were due exclusively to the application of MAT, with the added merit of overcoming the antagonism of those departments that had refused to collaborate and were not forced to do so by the Managing Director or the Chairman. I also extended the sample to friends and relatives of the employees I treated, and continued with my television research.

Meanwhile, I was creating and experimenting with the “MAT Method of Strategic Planning in business change processes”. By the end of 1986, I had already studied more than 60,000 cases and that is when I decided to write down my results and to register them as Intellectual Property. I wrote four basic books in less than a year[1]. This third phase was the one that allowed me to adapt my investigation to the elevated demands of social and individual JUSTICE.

* The 4th stage, from 1987 to 2006, was unexpected, even if now it seems obvious. I grew in MAT and discovered more and more sequential processes of growth. Each process, although rising in difficulty and adversity, brought with it an unprecedented gift: a Mega-structure that was much more potent than the basic structure and than the previously discovered Mega-structure, and which moreover… had never been discovered or conquered, much less described, explained and transmitted by anyone before.

In 1990 I began my full-time research at the ‘Hospital Universitario de la Princesa’ in Madrid, with the collaboration of important Heads of Units there, and I discovered the patterns of emotional dysfunctions which caused specific high risk diseases, such as the pattern of behaviour of the heart patient, the cancer patient, lung disease patients, neuropaths, and patients suffering from the main endocrine and nutritional disorders. Each pattern favoured one of said lethal diseases and its correction and MAT therapy (administered as a complement to pharmacological medical treatment) favoured the healing of each type of patient. These results were officially presented at a grand formal event organised in Zaragoza by the Pfizer laboratories in May 2010 and was chaired by the President of the Official Association of Doctors and by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Zaragoza University.

At the Hospital Universitario de la Princesa, each head of unit, excluding the head of endocrinology (who refused to collaborate), had verified said results on their patients and validated my research. This was the fourth phase: that of MAT’s DIFFERENTIAL STATUS.

* The 5th stage, which started in 2007 and lasted until September 2013, served to:

  • Collaborate officially with the Advanced Studies Centre of La Salle University with the creation of the Metamethodology of Innovation and Creation which influenced their creation of the Innovation Park of Services for People.
  • To continue integrating and reinforcing more Mega-structures which had never been gleaned before.
  • To verify that all Mega-structures are present in any human mammal and are of foetal origin.
  • To share my discoveries with human beings through the writing and publication of more books (18 as of today, all available through Amazon in electronic format and on paper).

This 5th phase is that of MAT’s BELONGING to all benevolence of good will, wherever it may be.

* Now is the beginning of the 6th, last and most important phase in my life, that of the joy of PLENITUDE, thereby closing my life cycle in the joy of seeing MAT in the hands of the best and realising how the best in turn help to construct, generously and pacifically, a safer society, on that is more developed, more just, more grown and creating, more devoted to good and more innocently happy.

Preciada Azancot.

February 13 2014.

[1] 1.- El MAT, ciencia del dirigente del siglo XXI. Fundamentos de la empresa: las siete tipologías de personalidad universales y sus siete idiomas (MAT, science of the 21st century leader. Business foundations: the seven universal personality typologies and their seven languages, in Spanish). Intellectual Property Registration No. 16/2003/4883. Subsequently edited with ISBN: 8460909557.

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The last three, subsequently edited under the following titles and ISBNs:

The Splendour of the Human Being”, ISBN-13: 978-1482783780

“El dirigente civilizador”, ISNB 9788494032974. (The civilising leader)

“El estratega pacificador”, ISNB 9788461118656. (The pacifying strategist)

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