MAT definitions of Skill, Talent and Vocation

Given that the words SKILL, TALENT and VOCATION are given different meanings depending on who’s using them, here are the definitions according to MAT:

1.- SKILL: Our major system of innate abilities (for example being affectionate and available or intelligent and methodical or rigorous and serviceable or respectful and discrete or joyful and entrepreneurial or vital and just) which we confuse with our profound nature and with our own being. When this skill of ours is recognised by others we feel completely fulfilled and grateful towards the world. When it is disqualified by others, we feel as though our foundations and our reason for being have been taken away. For this reason, our skill becomes our Achilles’ heel, because it convinces us that our worth is dependant on the judgment and attitude of others, giving us an archetypal and magical vision of human nature. It mobilises just 25% of our innate energy – in other words, the energy we brought with us when we entered this world as one-day old newborns. In a study of more than 120,000 cases, 70% of people are only familiar with and operate with their skill.

2.- TALENT: This is the system of capacities (same examples as in point 1) that makes us really unique and creative, and that allows us to transform into what we were truly born to be and to transform our surroundings. Whent this talent is not assumed we become envious and bitter when we see it acted out by others and we make the world sit exams to see whether it is worthy of us acting it out. When it is assumed and acted out (with MAT, in just 30 hours of classroom setting study) we acquire our own foundations on which to act out with pride and humility our differential selves and become the leaders of our own lives as well as authentic and talented creators. The talent, once recovered, mobilises 50% of our innate energy. Only 15% of people belong to this category.

 3.- VOCATION: Radically opposite to Mission -a concept of people who only know and work with their skill – which makes us feel “called upon” to justify our existence, heading us competitively towards a “cause” with ideological, magical or religious connotations in a competitive world seen as a jungle where there must always be (provisional) winners and (humiliated) losers. The true vocation is the one that brings us the pacific, tranquil, joyful and  natural self-revelation of our preferred system of capacities which allows us to acquire an authentic conviction of finality in the world. It is the one that makes us safe, clear, just, humble, solidary, pacific and serene. The vocation awakens the clear and true spirituality of the human being who sees himself in constant evolution and, without seeking it, manages to make his life and work open a highway towards the measure of what is possible for those fortunate to live with him or follow him . The vocation mobilises 100% of our innate energy and although just 2% of the population has a glimpse of it, just one person in a million is in a position to assume and manage it. With MAT, in 150 hours of study in a classroom setting, it becomes possible to belong to this category.



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