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Although Preciada Azancot’s discoveries have been registered as intellectual property since 11/11/1988 and continuously renewed to date, in addition to being published and explained in the more than 17 books she has written, we find it necessary (in view of the proliferation of plagiarists on the loose) to provide a summarised description of them here. Any imitation is not only illegal, but also lacks the scientific rigour and quality guarantee of MAT, which is unique, authentic and original, and offered only by its creator and her official collaborators whose CVs, qualifications and training in MAT can be found on this website .

A- Emotional and sensory engineering of the basic personality Structure made up of seven dimensions comprising:

MAT Personality Structure by Preciada Azancot

MAT Personality Structure – Copyright Preciada Azancot

1- THE  RECTOR: the functio of this structure is SAFETY. Driven by the emotion of authentic FEAR and connected to the sense of touch. It defines the Where of things and stops and erects barriers against threats to one’s own or others’ integrity. Its key word is “NO”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the adrenal glands and the organs it has most influence on are: the immune system, kidneys, skin, adrenal glands, neck, the reptilian brain, and the sense of touch.

2- THE PROTECTOR: whose function is BELONGING. It is nourished by the emotion of authentic LOVE and is connected to the sense of sight. It defines the When of things, evaluates alliances and gives itself to networks of solidarity. Its key word is “YES”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the hypophysis and the organs it most affects are: the hypophysis, heart, lungs, eyes, face, and eyesight .

3- THE VITALISER: the function of this structure is JUSTICE. It is nourished by the emotion of authentic RAGE and is connected to the sense of smell. It defines the How of things and perceives lies, aggressions, and manipulations, reacting healthily in response. Its key words are “Like this”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the liver and the organs it most influences are: the liver, the entire digestive system, and the sense of smell.

 4- THE TRANSFORMER: the function of this structure is transforming CREATION and personal growth. Nourished by the emotion of authentic PRIDE and connected to the sense of taste. It defines the Why of things and its key word is “Be”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the parathyroid glands and the organs it most influences are: the bones, vocal cords and voice, body weight, parathyroid and salivary glands.

5- THE ORIENTER: whose function is PLENITUDE. Nourished by the emotion of authentic JOY and connected to the sense of sex. It finds the meaning of life and its finality. It defines the What for of things to provide guidance towards truth in freedom. Its key word is “Here”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the pancreas and the sex glands and the organs it most affects are: the reproductive system, psyche, pancreatic gland, sense of direction, right hand side of the brain and sexuality.

6- THE SYNTHESISER: this structure’s function is DEVELOPMENT. Nourished by the emotion of authentic SADNESS it is connected to the sense of hearing. It is the guarantor of intelligence and mental clarity. It defines and searches for that which is useful in things in order to care for what is alive and dispose of what is useless. Its key word is “What”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the thyroids and the organs it most affects are: the circulatory and lymphatic system, ears, left side of the brain and coordination with the right side of the brain, the thyroid gland and the sense of hearing.

7- THE CENTRE: the function of this structure is the INTEGRAL EVOLUTION of the species. It must remain free of myths, archetypes, magic, clichés and superstitions that it can receive from all the structures. To clear this Centre of any presence and emotion is the guarantor of the harmony, cleanliness, innocence, authenticity, quality and purity of the entire structure to allow new dimensions and structures to be acquired in the course of the evolution of the species. Its key word is “You”.

B- MAT’s definition of the authentic emotions: The authentic emotions are the only energies appropriate for nourishing the structures. For an emotion to be considered authentic, it must not only respond to the stimulus that provokes it, but also comply with its definition according to MAT. These definitions are as follows:

– FEAR: is the capacity to perceive threats to one’s own or another’s integrity and to remove the associated risk. It nourishes the Rector.

– SADNESS: is the innate capacity for perceiving potential temporary or definitive losses of something alive in oneself or in one’s surroundings and to search for options and solutions. It nourishes the Synthesiser.

– RAGE: is the innate capacity to react against lies, aggressions and manipulations and to denounce them, offering fairer values. It nourishes the Vitaliser.

-PRIDE: is the capacity to admire, transform, innovate, create, grown and make grow in consecration of an objective status and dignity. It nourishes the Transformer.

 -LOVE: is the innate capacity to give oneself and to give others a safe space where each can be what they were born to be, in plenitude (in other words, where one can not only preserve what is left, but also recover what has been lost along the way). It nourishes the Protector.

– JOY: is the capacity to flow in freedom and peace and thereby, find more truth. It is also the relief of disposing of dead weights. It nourishes the Orienter.

C- Personality typologies: MAT finds six innate personality typologies which are the result of the emotional engineering of the foetus in response to the mother during gestation. The seventh typology is not innate but rather elected by the child as a result of insisting on placing his ego in the Centre. Each typology is defined by its characterising specific emotional equation, not only in terms of visible physical features, but also in terms of its perception of the world and of itself. The typological equation requires a dominant emotion -or Skill, inflated, magnified and observable – which mobilises only 20% of the person’s useful potential; a disconnected emotion – or virtual, differential Talent – which mobilises only 40% of the potential; and a prohibited or taboo emotion – or virtual Vocation – which mobilises 80% of the potential. As a result, the typology is viewed as a prison that places us with our backs to our true selves giving us the sensation of being subjected to Fate by identifying with a precise mythological archetype. The typological equation also includes the most solid “originary emotions”, which are not usually favoured while our skill is inflated, our talent disconnected and our vocation self-prohibited.

– THE REACTIVATOR: inflated skill: Love; disconnected talent: Fear; prohibited vocation: Joy. Originary emotions: Pride and Sadness. Archetype: Orpheus.

Portrait of a Reactivator typology by Preciada Azancot

Portrait of the Reactivator typology by Preciada Azancot

– THE PROMOTER: inflated skill: Joy; disconnected talent: Love; prohibited vocation: Fear. Originary emotions: Sadness and Pride. Archetype: Mercury.

Portrait of a Promoter typology by Preciada Azancot

Portrait of the Promoter typology by Preciada Azancot

– THE FORTIFIER: inflated skill: Fear; disconnected talent: Rage; prohibited vocation: Sadness. Originary emotions: Joy, Pride and Love. Archetype: Achilles.

Portrait of a Fortifier typology by Preciada Azancot

Portrait of the Fortifier typology by Preciada Azancot

– THE CONSTRUCTOR: inflated skill: Sadness; disconnected talent: Pride; prohibited vocation: Rage. Originary emotions: Love and Joy. Archetype: Sisyphus.

Portrait of a Constructor typology by Preciada Azancot

Portrait of the Constructor typology by Preciada Azancot

– THE REVEALER: inflated skill: Rage; disconnected talent: Sadness; prohibited vocation: Pride. Originary emotions: Joy and Love. Archetype: Prometheus.

Portrait of a Revealer typology by Preciada Azancot

Portrait of the Revealer typology by Preciada Azancot

– THE LEGISLATOR: inflated skill: Pride; disconnected talent: Joy; prohibited vocation: Love. Originary emotion: Sadness. Archetype: Atlas.

Portrait of a Legislator typology by Preciada Azancot

Portrait of the Legislator typology by Preciada Azancot

– SOCIOPATHS: typologies that are not innate, and are consciously chosen. To achieve this, “you” does not exist, just rampant egomania. They choose to disconnect increasingly important MEGASTRUCTURES. MAT reveals that there are ten types of sociopaths. These are, in increasing order of harmfulness: the Magnetiser, the Assassin, the Satanist, the Usurper, the Mocker, the Accuser, the Betrayer, the Executioner, the Denier and the Destroyer. The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is that the latter wants blood on his hands and the former prefers to destroy others emotionally. Psychopathy is an aggravated state of sociopathy.


MAT has discovered structures, which are equally inate because of foetal origin, more complex and potent than the basic personality structures and which, once the original talent and vocation have been recovered, are gradually discovered and integrated and in this precise order, giving us an unequalled potency to transform. Although they may be studied and learned, they can only be integrated in this precise order, as part of a process of integral, objective, observable and safe growth. These Megastructures are:

1- THE OMEGA SEQUENCE: to accumulate energy and solidity in the conquest of growth, one must, starting from the reconquered vocational emotion, move on to the next emotion in the sequence and so on successively until concluding back in the vocational emotion, but quantically enhanced. The matrix sequence is, in this order: Fear, Sadness, Rage, Pride, Love, Joy, Fear (quantically enhanced safety).

MAT Omega sequence by Preciada Azancot

MAT Omega sequence – Copyright Preciada Azancot

The Omega secuence evolve into MAT’s OMEGA THEORY, that demonstrates that human beings have six UNIVERSAL innate needs, in a hierarchical order, and that each one is the basis for the next one. These are:
1. The need for safety.
2. The need for development.
3. The need for justice.
4. The need for status (or dignity)
5. The need for belonging.
6. The need for plenitude (or, if you prefer, fulfilment).

MAT Omega theory by Preciada Azancot

MAT Omega theory – Copyright Preciada Azancot

And things don’t stop here. According to MAT’s Omega Theory, once we have covered our six innate needs, our desire as human beings to access increased wisdom, opens up and infinite world of possibilities of growth. Following the same order (and hierarchy), once we have covered the sixth need (plenitude), we access:
1.- More safety, aiming towards harmony.
2.- More development, aiming towards clarity.
3.- More justice, pointing towards corporality.
4.- More status and dignity, pointing towards metamorphosis.
5.- More belonging, reaching towards the soul (understanding “soul” in MAT as the “yearning to give”).
6.- More plenitude, reaching towards the spirit (understanding “spirit” in MAT as “access to more truth”).


2- THE THREE AXES: These are the master beams that sustain our basic structure. There are three axes in ascending order of importance, which support each other and since the first sustains the second and the second sustains the third, they must also be conquered in sequence. These are: LOVE-SADNESS or the axis of what is AVAILABLE, this is the axis of vocational Masters; the PRIDE-FEAR axis or axis of what EXISTS and which is inherent to vocational Mentors; and the Joy-Rage axis or axis of what is PRESENT and which is inherent to vocational Analysts. The collapse of one axis produces a “charismatic” psychosis which disorients our internal compass and confuses us with the Archetype that governs our typology, causing us to act it out deliriously.

MAT three AXES by Preciada Azancot

MAT three AXES – Copyright Preciada Azancot

MAT AXES – Copyright Preciada Azancot

 3- THE ORIGINAL INNER STAR: These are the internal feminine dimensions (Fear-Rage-Love triangle) and masculine dimensions (Sadness-Pride-Joy triangle) which have been unified and reconciled. This is characteristic of geniuses and great Civilisers.

4- THE UNIFYING RADIUS: this is the Megastructure that converts us into authentic Pacifiers of Humanity. Its sequence is: fear-centre-sadness-centre-rage-centre-pride-centre-love-centre-joy-centre-achieved harmony.

5- THE CENTERING RAYS: this is the Megastructure that allows us to become Full Partners of Humanity and involves internally marrying our female dimension and our male dimension.

6- THE MUTANT ALLOY RING: This megastructure prepares us for acquiring further dimensions in addition to the seven basic ones and condenses potency to trigger it better with a view to leaping towards more dimensions. The sequence is joy-love-fear-sadness-rage-pride-joy (gratitude).

7- THE SIX MUTANT BRIDGES ABOVE THE CENTRE: there are six bridges above the emptiness of the Centre which serve to grant us Serenity (original Fear-Pride), Temperance (original Sadness-Love), Equanimity (original Rage-Joy), Sovereignty (original Pride-Fear), Benevolence (original Love-Sadness) and Wisdom (original Joy-Rage) and help to change the course of history towards a greater and more pacific EVOLUTION, giving humble and firm testimony of the measure of what is humanly possible.

8- THE MUTANT CROWN: Serves to form authentic Kings whose attributes listed above bestow a multiplying potency that helps Creation to make an unprecedented evolutionary leap and to build the exemplary and recognised leadership of the best, in safety for everyone. Its sequence is joy-love-pride-rage-sadness-fear, all original and quintessential.

E- Definitions of Skill, Talent and Vocation

Given that the words SKILL, TALENT and VOCATION are given different meanings depending on who’s using them, here are the definitions according to MAT:

1.- SKILL: Our major system of innate abilities (for example being affectionate and available or intelligent and methodical or rigorous and serviceable or respectful and discrete or joyful and entrepreneurial or vital and just) which we confuse with our profound nature and with our own being. When this skill of ours is recognised by others we feel completely fulfilled and grateful towards the world. When it is disqualified by others, we feel as though our foundations and our reason for being have been taken away. For this reason, our skill becomes our Achilles’ heel, because it convinces us that our worth is dependant on the judgment and attitude of others, giving us an archetypal and magical vision of human nature. It mobilises just 25% of our innate energy – in other words, the energy we brought with us when we entered this world as one-day old newborns. In a study of more than 120,000 cases, 70% of people are only familiar with and operate with their skill.

2.- TALENT: This is the system of capacities (same examples as in point 1) that makes us really unique and creative, and that allows us to transform into what we were truly born to be and to transform our surroundings. Whent this talent is not assumed we become envious and bitter when we see it acted out by others and we make the world sit exams to see whether it is worthy of us acting it out. When it is assumed and acted out (with MAT, in just 30 hours of classroom setting study) we acquire our own foundations on which to act out with pride and humility our differential selves and become the leaders of our own lives as well as authentic and talented creators. The talent, once recovered, mobilises 50% of our innate energy. Only 15% of people belong to this category.

 3.- VOCATION: Radically opposite to Mission -a concept of people who only know and work with their skill – which makes us feel “called upon” to justify our existence, heading us competitively towards a “cause” with ideological, magical or religious connotations in a competitive world seen as a jungle where there must always be (provisional) winners and (humiliated) losers. The true vocation is the one that brings us the pacific, tranquil, joyful and  natural self-revelation of our preferred system of capacities which allows us to acquire an authentic conviction of finality in the world. It is the one that makes us safe, clear, just, humble, solidary, pacific and serene. The vocation awakens the clear and true spirituality of the human being who sees himself in constant evolution and, without seeking it, manages to make his life and work open a highway towards the measure of what is possible for those fortunate to live with him or follow him . The vocation mobilises 100% of our innate energy and although just 2% of the population has a glimpse of it, just one person in a million is in a position to assume and manage it. With MAT, in 150 hours of study in a classroom setting, it becomes possible to belong to this category.



F- Definitions of the MAT scale of motivations

All too often we confuse motivations, needs, requirements, aspirations and interests, as if these words were all synonyms without a hierarchy of relative importance.

Any AUTHENTIC motivation refers to an imperative, the satisfaction of which is sometimes indispensable or at least necessary for life, in other words, it is part of basic safety and development .

There are numerous motivational theories, the most well-known being Maslow’s which merely photographs current society’s disarray, as we are showing and – I hope –  demonstrating. We place in front of it our Omega Theory of the real and universal human motivational scale, in terms of the chronological and cumulative needs of a human life. I believe its time to distinguish between and provide a hierarchy of these needs. As always, I suggest clear definitions to begin with, and these are my proposals:

REQUISITE: is a RIGHT, for example breathing or eating or being sheltered or cared for, the denial or deprivation of which is a crime and which I would define as the “obligation to provide and preserve a constituent and inseparable element of something live or created”.  This constitutes a NATURAL RIGHT and is what concerns us in this category.

NEED: which is to “recognise and act out a PRIVILEGE related to the relative and objective status, stature and importance of the person or creation”. In our application to human life, the most important Need would come just after respecting and caring for the skill (since this would pass into the category of Requisite), to admire and learn from the talent. The talent is what makes us different, charming and unique.

MOTIVATION: which is “an IMPULSE and desire for change, plenitude, completeness, a driver towards evolution ON THE BASIS OF SOMETHING THAT IS ALREADY REAL AND OBJECTIVE”. The vocation, which is hte emotion and its associated system of innate faculties, is the most sacred in the human being, what gives him the certainty of his own finality and the universe’s, what gives him plenitude.

INTEREST: which I define as “awakened CURIOSITY that can produce an incentive towards motivation”. And it is the one awakened by those I qualify as the “originary emotions” of the human being: These are authentic emotions and behaviours, full of “exemplarity” and which are none of the emotions described previously. They are the strong part, unmoveable rock and paradigm of hte person’s INTEGRAL HEALTH.

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