MAT in 90 seconds:

Why do I feel angry when I ought to be afraid?
Why do I tend to cry when I am given a reason for joy?
Why do I believe that if I stand firm I will hurt other people?
Why do I consider that there are human capacities that are denied to me?
Why do I feel sympathetic or antagonistic towards someone at first sight?

This centuries-old search has made partial findings: we know more about the human being now than in the past. In the field of psychology, Freud, Jung, Fromm, Berne, Perls, have discovered laws and principles that are recognised as well-founded.

What was missing, however, was the discovery of the core of knowledge that made human nature comprehensible as a whole. And that is what MAT proposes: the emotional engineering and universal personality structure in all of its possible manifestations and in all the fields of activity of the human being.

MAT – the Metamodel of Analysis that Transforms– is a science of the human being created by Preciada Azancot Medina, based on her findings of the laws and patterns that govern the functioning of the human being.

 It is a complex, dense and deep science, requiring thirteen years of study to reasonably assimilate. Still, its discoveries and laws, once learned, are so objective and so measurable, that they are perceived as obvious and simple.

 It is called a Metamodel because it is a model of models, which diagnoses, locates, interconnects and enhances any model that has to do with the functioning of human beings, their creations and behaviors (organizations, emotional, philosophical, artistic, spiritual, or behavioral expressions) at any time and in any place.

 It is called “of Analysis” because it is a methodology that is entirely scientific, i.e. universal, objective, measurable and transferable, proven in more than 120,000 cases.

 And its name says “that Transforms” because the analysis of each case, produces a diagnosis that follows objective parameters, places it in its corresponding place, relates it to all other ways of being, and enriches and expands it offering it an exact route of empowerment.

 In the case of a person, it  is able to direct him towards the detection, recovery, management and creative transformation of his differential skills, talents and vocations, so that he can become the best he can be, becoming an integral leader of his own life and a model for others.

 MAT is the emotional and sensory engineering of the human being’s seven-dimensional structure and is based on the personal and essential discoveries of its creator.

 The first basic discovery is the universal structure of the human being, which is not four-dimensional (the four elements expressed in one way or another) as believed since the ancient Greeks and up until MAT, but consists of seven structures highly specialized to meet the seven vital needs of the human being. These are: security, development, justice, creation-transformation, belonging, plenitude and evolution. The need for evolution is covered by leaving the Centre empty, so that ideologies, magical, mythical, or archetypal beliefs do not interfere and therefore, block its function.

 The other six needs and motivations are satisfied restoring the human being’s innate engineering, i.e. allowing each structure to be nurtured by its differential specialized energy.

 Each specialized energy in the functioning of its corresponding structure is one of the six innate authentic emotions, ie very precisely and in this basic order: fear, sadness, anger, creating pride, love and joy.

 MAT redefines every emotion, which, in order to be considered authentic, must correspond in definition, quality, intensity and duration with the stimulus that provokes it. This is the second basic discovery.

 Once each structure is fed by the corresponding naturally innate energy, the well-fed structure must also be connected to its natural antenna in order to transmit and receive stimuli to and from the environment. These antennas, also highly specialized and innate, are the six senses, i.e., in this order: touch, hearing, smell, taste, sight and sex, sex being specialized in finding a sense of fulfillment. This is the third basic discovery.

 The likelihood of the Centre remaining empty depends on the proper functioning of the other six structures. MAT explains the laws by which each of these six structures, fuelled by its valid emotion and connected to its corresponding sense, opens a natural sequence of specific skills and abilities that allow us to meet the human being’s six motivations or vital needs. This is the fourth basic discovery.

 MAT also shows that at birth every human being brings their very own and peculiar set of skills, talents and vocations, which are very different for each type of person and which MAT can detect and redirect in just a few hours.

 This is because MAT also discovers that everyone is born with a preferential pattern of engineering referred to as our personality type or typology, which overemphasizes some peculiarities and freezes others.

 Learning about our own personal way of working or tipology, allows us to immediately detect our differential skill, talent and vocation and to redirect our life toward plenitude. This is the fifth basic discovery.

 A typology is characterized in that:

a) It inflates one of our emotions (in other words, makes one of our emotions not respond to the corresponding stimulus and direct it solely at what generates it, with the intensity and duration corresponding to said stimulus, but rather exaggerates it). When we leave this prison through MAT, this inflated emotion is transformed into our Skill.

b) Makes us disconnect an emotion (in other words, does not allow us to use an emotion replacing it with anger). Through MAT this becomes our Talent.

c) Prohibits an emotion (in other words, makes us believe that we do not have an emotion replacing it always with fear). This is transformed, through MAT, into our Vocation.

 MAT teaches us to abandon that prison and to recover the free use of each and every one of our emotions. It makes us discover our typology and recognize others’ typology, so that we can find our own customized path for leaving it behind. MAT also shows us how to communicate better with other people, understand others better, know their pain from being in that prison and wearing that straightjacket (their typology), and learn what they need, first to soothe that pain, and then to become free of it. This allows us to reach with everyone and at all times that point of confluence that makes it possible to achieve solidarity and collaboration that allows us to live with shared interests and goals, making it impossible for others, who are slave to their typologies, to manipulate us.

On these bases, advanced MAT discovers further laws that govern how the human being functions and that give us access to:

  1. more security (through the diagnosis of our own or others’ threats in order to encounter less risk, less chaos and more harmony, eliminating causes of fear),
  2. more development (through a very particular and motivating system of communication as well as powerful time management and a methodology for eradicating the causes of problems which makes us smarter and more temperate, eliminating causes of sadness),
  3. more justice (through a value system that socially enhances the best of everyone and through a leadership system based on differential talents and vocations that makes us more fair-minded and cultured),
  4. more status (through discovery of the best methodology for encouraging talented creation and transformation through growth of oneself and others, which makes us more civilized and innovative, thus conquering causes of legitimate pride),
  5. more belonging (through knowledge of a peculiar system that allows us to recognize the unconscious causes of childhood trauma that we were innately intolerant to and that caused us to lock ourselves into a psychological prison (i.e., personality types), thus helping us to understand, forgive and love better, making us more sympathetic and benevolent, conquering causes that deserve better love through regaining our lost potency) and
  6. more plenitude (through the study of the history of our gestation and the admiring and respectful knowledge of the founders of the six major monotheistic religions, transcending the temptation of religious fixations and wagering on an untethered spirituality, making us wiser, universal , peacemakers strategists and tolerant, i.e. freer).

 Similarly, Preciada Azancot discovers megastructures of fetal innate origin that likewise obey immutable laws that can be known, retrieved and managed allowing a quantum leap in the evolution of the human species and its regained potency.

The energy charging sequence or MAT Omega Theory shows the sequential order and content of the six universal human motivations and how to adapt them to our actual personality.

The discovery of the three axes or master beams that govern and sustain the human structure, allows us to make ourselves wiser and manage what is actually available, exists and is present in our lives.

Through MAT growth you can lose the innate prison or personality type completely and become an Integral Human Being, more civilizing and peacemaking, ensuring a better future for the world.

Other much more advanced Megastructures can be reached in subsequent ordered and scientific processes of growth, mentioned and explained in the more advanced works of MAT’s creator, some of which are reserved for special training of MAT Academics.

It is possible to study MAT by reading the many books written by Preciada Azancot, published by Tulga3000 Editores and available on Amazon, as well as through on-site and on-line study with her in person, or with her official teachers.

Current books written by MAT’s creator can be divided into three series: strictly scientific books, the books of the emotional saga and initiatory tales and novels.. She is currently co-writing with some of her more advanced students a new collection called Dialogues.

MAT, as a student or simply as anyone interested in the human being, brings you security from the first moment you come into contact with it, due to its strong foundations and high respect for the individual.

It brings you clarity and intelligence, since it shows you how to deal with, not only solving problems, but eradicating them, teaching you also how to communicate in the best possible way.

It brings you vivid and tangible universal values, making you feel that justice is possible.

It gives you the opportunity to be proud of the one thing you should be proud of: who you are and who you can become.

It gives you a safe space to grow and recover all that you have lost along the way, showing you what love is.

It brings you at last the happiness of knowing that the truth is always there, so that you can find it in your flow through life.

 From the most basic emotional Workshop, MAT will allow you to:

  • Discover the incredible structure in you and all that it enables you to do.
  • Discover the fabulous energies that feed it: Your authentic emotions.
  • Learn how to manage your emotions always usefully, always appropriately, always powerfully.
  • Perceive how to effectively and accurately face your fears, problems, injustices, complexes, heartache and unhappiness.
  • Know how you can guide your life towards security, intelligence, justice, growth, love and happiness.

 MAT is a neverending journey of personal discovery and growth that becomes more profound and more personal as you progress. A wide range of workshops and courses are available for each level of experience, and is always practical to embody your learning in your everyday life.

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