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MAT – the Metamodel of Analysis that Transforms– is a science of the human being created by Preciada Azancot Medina, based on her findings of the laws and patterns that govern the functioning of the human being.

 It is a complex, dense and deep science, requiring thirteen years of study to reasonably assimilate. Still, its discoveries and laws, once learned, are so objective and so measurable, that they are perceived as obvious and simple, and in just 10 hours you can begin to benefit greatly.

 It is called a Metamodel because it is a model of models, which diagnoses, locates, interconnects and enhances any model that has to do with the functioning of human beings, their creations and behaviors (organizations, emotional, philosophical, artistic, spiritual, or behavioral expressions) at any time and in any place.

 It is called “of Analysis” because it is a methodology that is entirely scientific, i.e. universal, objective, measurable and transferable, proven in more than 120,000 cases.

 And its name says “that Transforms” because the analysis of each case, produces a diagnosis that follows objective parameters, places it in its corresponding place, relates it to all other ways of being, and enriches and expands it offering it an exact route of empowerment.

 In the case of a person, it  is able to direct him towards the detection, recovery, management and creative transformation of his differential skills, talents and vocations, so that he can become the best he can be, becoming an integral leader of his own life and a model for others.

 MAT is the emotional and sensory engineering of the human being’s seven-dimensional structure and is based on the personal and essential discoveries of its creator.


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For the very first time, three of our books are published in the USA through the Amazon holding. Available both in paperback and Kindle format.

If you want to take a look at all our books and their synopsis, please, clik here.

Please, click in the images below for the paperback editions.

The Splendour of the Human Being

The Universe of safety - Preciada Azancot - Front cover

The little girl who made God laugh


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If you like Preciada’s paintings, we have created a space where you can order reproductions. Click here to view them.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart portrait 100x100cm oil by Preciada Azancot

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart portrait 100x100cm oil by Preciada Azancot

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Books by Preciada Azancot are now in their Kindle Edition. Just click in the front cover to buy it. If you would like to know more about these books, please, click here.

THE LITTLE GIRL WHO MADE GOD LAUGH - Preciada AzancotThe splendour of the human being, by Preciada Azancotyes_i_am_outraged_now_whatThe Universe of safety - Preciada Azancot - Front cover

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